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Almost Nude Teen
522 Photos | 5 Videos

Princess Blueyez's Avatar This set was sooo fun to shoot! I really got into it once I started rubbing the body lotion all over my curves. Anyways, the video for this set is HOTT! I guess that it got a little too hot... because you-know-who decided to cool me down by pouring COLD water all over me. I couldn't even get mad though. It felt so damn good!

phil-flash's Avatar Looking down at Princess Blueyez on the floor, as she rubs body lotion all over that almost nude teen body is an amazing experience. Especially since her free range titties are hanging natually, minus the blue eye matching tape covering her nipples. Princess Blueyez has never before been seen this way... ever!

There are five videos included with this set... "", "", "", "", and "". The total runtime of video footage is 00:53:48, aout an hour!

This entire zip set of the Princess is asolutely precious, including every single picture in the photo set of 522 images! Some of the most precious moments are in the main video titled "", with a runtime of 26 minutes. In this video, Cass get's into compromising positions, she is rubing and touching herself in places never seen before, and the expressions on her face are as close to having sex with her that you will ever get!

Would you believe, that while creating the animated GIF's for the Animated Fun portion of the set... that I had a lot of FUN? Being able to take one of those compromising moments or positions from the video, and turn it into a repeating and never ending "sexual act" was an amazing experience for me. After all of those years... now I could finally see, how it would appear to be, if the blue eyed Cass were to masturbate for me, or get fucked doggie style, or ride on top of a cock, etc. This zip set includes 214 of these sexy, funny, and sexual fantasy invoking animated GIF's.

Princess Blueyez
Set Data
TitleAlmost Nude Teen
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Animated Fun214
close up animation of Princess Blueyez's teen face
Cass makes panty ass into thong ass
Cass grips her wet pussy
Video camera looks down at Cass on her knees