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phil-flash's Avatar Free black and white artistic photos of your favorite phil-flash amateur teen models. Just click to the zip set that you want to download, click the green download link, and use the following login...

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More about my Black and White Collections...

Do you remember the financial bubble of 2008? That crap caused a massive decrease in sales... which trickled down to me being forced to give up my office and laying off the entire phil-flash Staff. To add even more to the trickle down effect this had on me... I was forced to learn everything that my employees did for my company.

That saying, there is always something good within the bad, turned out to be true. After about three years of diving into this new learning process, I have become proficient in all of the following skills. Web development and basic PHP coding, photo editing, video editing, and content management. The software I had to learn was Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Compressor, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, and several smaller "helper softwares" as well.

After familiarizing myself with the Adobe's software and passing the beginner and novice stages, I realized how powerfull Lightroom is. I started to experiment with some of the tools and grayscale filters. The result, was a new appreciation for black and white photos, as well as my first collection of 20 finished pictures.

As I create more of these beautiful collections, I will release them here... for FREE!

Black & White Collections
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Black & White Collections
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