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DOBAug. 17
Weight128 lbs.
dripping pussy

Almost Nude Teen
Princess Blueyez

Princess Blueyez avatar“This set was sooo fun to shoot! I really got into it once I started rubbing the body lotion all over my curves. Anyways, the video for this set is HOTT! I guess that it got a little too hot... because you-know-who decided to cool me down by pouring COLD water all over me. I couldn't even get mad though. It felt so damn good!”

phil-fucking-flash avatarLooking down at Princess Blueyez on the floor, as she rubs lotion all over that almost nude teen body of hers is an amazing experience. Especially, since her natually big boobs are 96% exposed, minus the blue eye matching tape that covers her nipples. Princess Blueyez has never before been seen this way... ever!

In the main video, Cass get's into compromising positions, she is rubing and touching herself in places never seen before, and the expressions on her face are as close to having sex with her that you will ever get!

A highlight of this remastered release would be the 214 Animated Gifs that I created. Being able to take one of those compromising moments or positions from the video, and turn it into a repeating and never ending "sexual act" was an amazing experience for me. After all of those years... now I could finally see, how it would appear to be, if the blue eyed Cass were to masturbate for me, or get fucked doggie style, or ride on top of a cock, etc.

This set took a long time to shoot and on several occaasions, I could tell that Cass seemed a bit confused. Like she started to feel shame, boyfriend and or parent guilt, or simply just upset because she was turned on and wanted to go further. Here is my breakdown...

  • 20% - parent shame
  • 55% - boyfriend guilt
  • 23% - wanted to go further with her performance
  • 02% - wanted p-f's package deep into her guts

That two percent is substantiated by the multiple package checks I caught her doing throughout the set. :-)

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I did and still do.

Animated Fun Showcase Almost Nude Teen

Animated Fun Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are strictly for fun and fantasy.