Princess Blueyez
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phil-flash's Avatar Princess Blueyez... AKA... Cassandra, Blueyed Cass, or just Cass, has always been a non nude teen model. That is until, a normal set that we were shooting went on, and on, and on... and on! By time the photo shoot portion of this set was over, there were 522 incredile photos and Cass was now an almost nude teen model! The pictures alone are zip set worthy! Then add the 5 videos that are included with it as well... whoaaah!

Throughout the years at Cass's Official Site, she was an expert at covering up. 7 Sets of hot content later... Nipple slips, pussy slips, and even sexual facial expressions or movements were extremely rare... if not, non existant. So, for Cass... to have just one zip set, is a friggin miracle! Praise the Lord... Dominous Ominous!

What a perfect amatuer girl to have a zip set of too! With her thick and full crown of shoulder length brown hair, her pretty face and those gorgeous blue eyes, her juicy C-Cup titties, that tight little ass, and those lovely and muscular, long and sexy legs.

I mentioned above, the lack of sexual facial expressions and or movements for most of Cass\'s content for her site. However... another reason why she does have this zip set, is that there are indeed lots of sexual facial expressions in her the video... and lots of sexual movements as well. I will tell you more about Cass's almost nude video in the zip set description.

Princess Blueyez
Model Data
Photo Sets1
DOBAug. 17
Shoe Size7.5

Princess Blueyez
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Cass pulls her panties up her pussy