Tiffany Teen
Model Data Tiffany Teen
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DOBJanuary 24
Height5' 2"
Shoe Size7
Tiffany on top of the television

First Shoot - Unedited
348 Photos, 2 Videos

Tiffany Teen's AvatarWow on top of the TV, that was scary! This shoot was so fun! I was in a really spunky mood! Did you know that I turned 18, just six days earlier??

Tiffany Teen

phil-flash's Avatar Tiffany Teen's very first photo shoot, the final remastered release, and still unedited! This collector's zip set includes 4 amateur photo sets with a whopping grand total of 348 pictures, two versions of the tape rip video, and 167 funny, sexy, and sexual fantasy envoking Animated Fun GIF's.

When Tiffany and her boyfriend showed up for this shoot, I was stunned at how hot she was in person! She looked like she had just turned 18 the second she walked through my apartment door. In fact, she did turn 18 years of age, just six days prior to this shoot! Talk about fresh meat!

The one hour video has been remastered with progressive transcoding this time around, which fixed the interlacing lines in the original release. Also, two versions of the 1 hour video are included this time... you get a completely raw tape rip, right off the camera, with no post production edits... and a color corrected version, which in my opinion, makes for a more vivid viewing experience. The only cuts in this video, are the camera pauses during the shoot. That's it!

No photos were deleted, no photos were edited, and the video is a full tape rip with no post production edits. You get 4 sexy picture sets and a full hour of video footage. This priceless zip set is a rare and candid look into Tiffany Teen's very first shoot!!!

First Shoot - Unedited
Set Data
TitleFirst Shoot - Unedited
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Animated Fun167
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Tiffany's gorgeous smile
Tiffany in a sexy pose
Busty animation of Tiffany smiling
Tiffany giggles on top of a big tv

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